Traveler and Companions

Meet the Traveler...

Lindsey - The Writer, Photographer, and Freelance Adventurer
The Writer, Photographer, and Freelance Adventurer - Lindsey moved to Maine in 2005 and has been seeking out local adventures ever since.  She loves hiking, nature viewing, paddling, and general outdoor adventure.  Lindsey is currently based out of Southern New Hampshire and welcomes comments, questions, and trip ideas from fellow travelers.

Meet the Companions...

The Dog - Summit is Lindsey's right hand gal.  She loves everything from casual strolls through the woods to monster hikes up 4,000 footers.  Part Anatolian Shepard, part Lab, and part Newfoundland - Summit was originally bred to be a search and rescue dog.  Although she hasn't been trained as a service dog, her breeding makes her the perfect hiking companion and a spirited freelance adventurer.  You can bet she'll be ready to great you with a slobbery kiss and happy face!

Matt - The Alpinist
The Alpinist - Matt is a self-proclaimed alpinist.  He hails from New Hampshire is a die-hard fan of the Granite State.  Matt enjoys getting out in the cold of winter for ice climbing and mountaineering and can be found in the warmer months fly fishing in some of New England's pristine rivers.  He helps with planning and gets Lindsey outside her comfort zone.  Matt is an amazing resource for local adventure spots.

The Children 

 Lucien "hiked" his first peak at 2 weeks old and hasn't slowed down since.  Now he's a fast paced toddler who loves hiking and exploring.

 Betty is still in a pack and is a easy companion especially when there are new sights and sounds.

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