Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard Nemo - How I survived the storm

Car buried in snow from Nemo.

How I survived the Blizzard Nemo:

My yard and my landlord's notorious signs.
1.  Warm Home - I will pay for that later (literally)
2.  Lots of food - Plenty of food in my house due to the party I had to cancel.  We ate and drank well!
3.  Company - Cats, Dog, and Matt
4.  Something to do...
 - Tried a new recipe
 - Taught Matt a new card game
 - Played Cribbage
 - Facebook and internet distractions
5.  Patience - With yourself and your storm companions.  Careful of cabin fever.

Buried by a snow bank

Matt walks Nadia through the snow.

Kennebunkport.  Allison's Restuaran

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