Sunday, March 17, 2013

Maine Boatbuilders Show

Maine Boatbuilders Show
Matt and I decided to play the role of wealthy boat buyers for the day and attended the Maine Boatbuilders Show in Portland, Maine on Saturday, March 16.  The show cost $15 for admission and displayed endless rooms of vendors and boats from local craftsmen.
I'm on a boat

I really enjoyed the chance to walk on the giant yachts and luxury boats.  I figure it's probably one of the only times I'll have that opportunity.

I was disappointed not to see handcrafted kayaks in the mix.  As an avid flat water paddler, I'd love a chance to talk to local kayak and canoe makers.  Still, it was great experience and I enjoyed learning about the local talent in boatbuilding.

After our sail aboard the boatbuilders show, Matt and I headed over to Duckfat Restaurant for lunch.  This is the third time we visited this popular local eatery.  Duckfat has a menu of panini, fries, and salads - most featuring gourmet ingredients.  Their belgium style frites are fried in duck fat and served in the traditional paper cone.

Poutine at Duckfat
Matt and I especially love their poutine - a French Canadian dish of fries, gravy, cheese curds - and at Duckfat, toped with a fried duck egg.  We also enjoyed a panini of pork belly and slaw.  It was all delicious. 

Duckfat also serves canned and bottled beers.

Aword of warning...Duckfat is a popular eatery and even groups of two should plan a 15-45 min wait on a weekend.

The boat show and Duckfat lunch was a great way to spend a cold day in Maine.  Perhaps we will make it a yearly date!

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