Tuesday, November 22, 2022

2022 Outdoorsy Holiday Gift Guide by Freelance Adventurer

 My instagram community has requested a gift guide!  So here is my suggestions for the outdoorsy people in your life! You can also check out my Amazon Store Front for a lot of the things on this list! Click on the image or caption to go to the product's sale.

Most of these items can be found on my amazon list for holiday gifts!

Under $25 - Great gifts on a budget

Hiking First Aid Kit

Keep your loved ones safe with this lightweight day hike medical kit

Hiking Water Bottle in Their Favorite Color

Pick a different color for everyone on your list!

You can't go wrong with some hiking socks!

Hiking Butt Sled

Under $10 - perfect for teens or winter lovers


They come in fun colors! This quality headlamp will be a welcome gift to any outdoorsy person

$25 - $50 - Quality gifts for friends and family

Backpacking lamp + charger

I love this lightweight two in one charger and camp light.  It's also magnetic!


They come in many colors - get a pair for everyone on your list!

Quality Thermos

Keep beverages warm and cold on all adventures


Lightweight travel hammock with all your need to hang.  Comes in many colors!

Trail Snacks

Believe me, your hiking friends will LOVE a bulk pack of snacks!

Solar Camp Lights

These are great for car camping and porch using and a guilty
 pleasure item your friend won't buy for themself.! 

Over $50 - Splurge on these fantastic gifts for that special outdoorsy person!


For the snow lover, these are awesome lightweight snowshoes

Lightweight Backpacking Stove Set

This compact kit is reliable and comes with cup and pot.

Puffy Jacket

A stylish, comfortable, and affordable puffer in various colors.

Softshell Hiking Glove

Quality winter hiking glove will make a difference in the winter months

Hiking Daypack

Womens version of my favorite daypack

Mens version of my favorite daypack

Bear Sack for Backpacking Food

Keep food and smelly things away from wildlife in this bear proof sack

For the locals - Under $5!

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