Thursday, December 1, 2016

Willand Pond Nature Walk

Willand Pond
I literally drive past this walk everyday and up until last week, I had never actually gone.  I've mostly ignored it before because unlike my usually mountain hiking, it's a flat, easy nature walk.  This turned out to be the perfect outing with my friend Courtney and her 2.5 year old.  With the easy trail, and things to see like trees, beach, and bridges he (and we) were entertained.

Here's how to recreate this adventure...

Adventure: Willand Pond Trail

Getting there:  I accessed the trail on Rt 108 on the Dover/Somersworth Line.  The trail starts at the Willand Pond Boat Launch that is located across the street from Strafford Farm Restaurant.  There is a parking lot at the trailhead/boat launch but no bathroom facilities.

Bog Bridges
Trail:  The trail is a flat dirt path.  I would say it is fairly wheelchair accessible (and stroller accessible).  The trail winds along one side of the lake.  It is not a loop.  There are benches along the way as well as calisthenic stretching/exercise stations.  After (my guess) about a half mile, there is a picnic area on the lake.  We weren't able to travel the whole trail since the toddler got tired, but we crossed paths with families, singles, and dog walkers all enjoying the trail.

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 1.0 miles one way (2.0 miles out and back)


- Dogs are allowed on the trail if they are leashed, however, be prepared to see unleashed dogs.

- It is a popular local fishing spot.  Be prepared to see boats, fishermen, and recreationalists.

Photo courtesy of Willand Pond Facebook Page
- It can be crowded in the summer but was pretty quiet on a cool, November day.

- Consider enjoying breakfast at Strafford Farms before your walk - that's what we did!

- Parking is free. There are no bathrooms.

I enjoyed exploring this nature walk close to my house.  It's always refreshing to get a respit from the town/city with a little patch of nature.

Enjoying the beach

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