Saturday, November 28, 2020

Interview for The Soul Mammas Podcast

 I was approached by Nicole De Leon of The Soul Mammas Podcast to share my life as a mother and adventurer.  I really enjoyed the interview and sharing my story. 

The balance of motherhood while still pursuing outdoor adventure can be challenging.  Check out the interview here or on apple podcasts.

Here are some of the takeaways of the episode: 

  • A return to teaching as a mother during a pandemic
  • How it is not always easy to deal with identity shifts that come along with becoming a parent.
  • How our lives change drastically when we become parents
  • The challenges of having two children under 5
  • How Lindsey was able to return to hiking and adventuring with one child, but how difficult it was with two
  • Gender roles and how society views moms and dads differently
  • Why her husband hasn't received criticism for traveling away from his kids, but she has.
  • The inequities sometimes faced by mommies
  • How her and her husband negotiate self care & their roles as mommy and daddy
  • Lindsey's newfound affinity for hiking in the snow

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