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When I moved to Northern New England in 2005, the only way I could find interesting outdoor day trips was to read a thick travel book or ask a local.  Still, I was often referenced to the same two or three hikes or viewpoints.  After visiting Mt. Agamenticus and Mt. Washington 3 or 4 times, I was aching for something new.  I realized I'd have to take this adventure seeking into my own hands.

 The goals of this blog are the following:

Summit of Mt. Pierce
Hiking in New Hampshire

1. Document my adventures so I can revisit my experiences and reflect on my journeys.
2.  Provide ideas for other travelers in my region and to the locals of Northern New England  who are looking for interesting day, weekend, and road trips.
3.  Display my outdoor photography to those who appreciate the Northeast North America and beyond.

Cairn on Mt. Washington, NH
Hiking in New Hampshire

My Experience...


 I received great feedback about my 2012 short summer blog about a trip to Newfoundland (On the Rock).  As a result, I decided to continue blogging my adventures.

I've been writing through a range of outlets for years.  I have a few non-internet published pieces including featured articles in "Backpacker Magazine", and won an award for my one act play "Standing North".

In addition, I am a Senior Contributor for TripAdvisor.com as well as a monthly contributor to Seacoast Moms Blog.

Hiking and Adventuring: 

I have worked at multiple outdoor facilities/adventure programs including six seasons for Appalachian Mountain Club as a Mountain Classroom Instructor and Teen Wilderness Adventure Instructor.

I have also worked as an environmental instructor at The Whale Camp, Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve, and Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School.

Most of my outdoor experience comes from taking off on the summers and weekends to find new travel  adventures.  I currently have a career as a middle school science teacher.


I had my son in spring 2016, followed by my daughter in spring of 2018.  My life (and adventures) have greatly changed.  The funny thing is, I'm going on EVEN MORE adventures than ever.  It's a goal to get my kids hiking and exploring wild places almost every week - and in summer almost every day.  It's just, our adventures are now nature trails, simple walks, and nature viewing instead of peak bagging and backpacking.  It's made me appreciate the joy of just enjoying nature instead of conquering it.  It's also given me an outlet to really explore the natural spaces in Seacoast New England.  I've discovered there was a wealth of local trails I wasn't exploring because I was always heading to the White Mountains.  Now I share my daily adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

kayak in vermont
Kayaking in Vermont