Saturday, November 25, 2023

Unwrapping Adventure: Your 2023 Gift Giving Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the outdoor adventurer in your life? Look no further! This Gift Giving Guide is curated with tried-and-true gear that's sure to elevate their outdoor experiences. I personally love all these items and can attest to their awesomeness!

10 Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast:

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1. Gregory Juno 30 Backpack (or Citro for Men)

Why it's a great gift: This is my favorite backpack for its versatility. I use it for day hikes, hut trips, or as a carry-on for travel. With a hydration pack included, it keeps your outdoor enthusiast refreshed and ready for any adventure.

Gregory Juno / Citro Hydro Backpack 

2. Topo Athletic Ultraventure Shoe

Why it's a great gift: After testing over 30 pairs of low top hiking shoes, this one emerged as the most comfortable. The Topo Athletic Ultraventure Shoe provides the perfect blend of support and comfort for every step on the trail.

Topo Ultraventure are a comfortable low top hiker

3. Kari Traa Merino Base Layer

Why it's a great gift: Keep the adventurer warm in any weather with the Kari Traa Merino Base Layer. Made from high-quality merino wool, it's not only cozy but also regulates body temperature, making it an ideal base layer for all outdoor activities. They also sell a polyester version.

4. SOL Fire Lite Rechargeable Lighter

Why it's a great gift: A reliable fire starter is a must for any outdoor enthusiast. The SOL Fire Lite Rechargeable Lighter ensures they can easily ignite a campfire or stove, even in challenging conditions. This was my favorite after testing many this fall for Field and Stream.

Electric lighter can light stoves and fires!

5. BruTrek BaseCamp French Press Coffee Maker

Why it's a great gift: For the coffee-loving adventurer, the BruTrek BaseCamp French Press is a game-changer. Brew a perfect cup of coffee right at the campsite and start the day off right. Matt and I use it as home as well!

Our BruTrek french press makes enough for two!

6. JPL Go 3 Portable Speaker

Why it's a great gift: Elevate the outdoor experience with some tunes. The JPL Go 3 Portable Speaker is compact, durable, and delivers impressive sound quality, ensuring good vibes in the campsite! (but don't blast music on the trail please!)

7. Darn Tough Hiking Socks

Why they're a great gift: Keep those feet happy with Darn Tough Hiking Socks. Known for their durability and comfort, these socks provide the support needed for long hikes and varied terrain. These are my favorite hiking socks...and everyday socks as well.

Darn Toughs come in great patterns and colors too!

8. Therm A Rest Seating Pad

Why it's a great gift: Take a load off! The Therm A Rest Seating Pad is lightweight, compact, and provides a comfortable place to sit during breaks or around the campfire. It's an essential in the winter for a summit break.

9. MT-100 Decathlon Puffer Jacket

Why it's a great gift: When the temperatures drop, the MT-100 Decathlon Puffer Jacket steps up to keep your adventurer warm. With its lightweight design and excellent insulation, it's perfect for chilly mornings, cold evenings, or as an extra layer during winter hikes. The jacket's compact nature also makes it easy to pack, ensuring it's always on hand when needed. Give the gift of warmth and style with this versatile puffer jacket. I've had mine for over a year and is my favorite mid layer.

The MT100 Decathlon puffer is comfortable and compactable!

10. Seacoast Hikes and Nature Walks E-book

Why it's a great gift: Inspire new adventures with the Seacoast Hikes and Nature Walks E-book. Packed with detailed trail information and stunning visuals, it's the perfect guide for discovering hidden gems in the great outdoors.

My book!


This Gift Giving Guide ensures your outdoor enthusiast is well-equipped and ready for any adventure that comes their way. Happy gifting and happy trails!

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