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My story with Seacoast Hikes

When I moved to New Hampshire in my twenties, it was to take a job as a hiking and wilderness guide for the Appalachian Mountain Club.  My life revolved around hiking, conquering mountains, and spending as much time as possible in the great outdoors.  In 2012, I started my blog The Freelance Adventurer to document my adventures.   

The hiking-guide life eventually changed, but even with a full time teaching career and two kids, my passion for the outdoors didn’t.  I wanted to be in nature and explore with my family, but suddenly, those big mountains didn’t seem like a realistic option.  I had to find something closer to home.  Hence, Seacoast Hikes and Nature Walks.

For the past five years, I’ve been spending almost every spare minute exploring the best natural spaces the Seacoast has to offer, and there are so many!  Seacoast Hikes and Nature Walks- Volume 1 is just a taste of the awesome locations you can explore.  Whether you’re looking for an easy trail to try with your toddler, or a blood-pumping climb with a view, this book has something for you.  My hope is that this text will be a useful resource for those interested in exploring these local trails.  I also hope the “10 Seacoast Hikes” list and patch will motivate individuals and families to get outdoors!

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Hike for the Patch - 10 Seacoast Hikes

    One of the goals of this book is to motivate people to explore the wonderful trails the Seacoast has to offer!  Hiking lists are a longstanding tradition in New England.  Freelance Adventurer would like to recognize hikers who have completed the 10 Seacoast Hikes as laid out in the book (Volume 1).  There is no time limit for earning the patch, and hikers can enjoy these trails in any season!  

    To participate in the Hike for the Patch Program, track your hiking accomplishments and email to receive information on how to get your patch and sticker!  You will be sent a digital form and instructions.  There is a $10 processing fee that covers your patch, a sticker, and postage.  Please give four weeks for processing. 

More Seacoast Hikes

Use the map below to find a Seacoast Hike on Seacoast Hike Instagram.