Monday, April 15, 2013

Marginal Way in Ogunquit Maine

Ocean cliffs, lobster boats, and a bowl of chowder...the perfect way to welcome Spring!

Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Maine

There are many beautiful beaches, shorelines, and walking areas in Southern Maine.  My favorites include Cape Elizabeth's Fort Williams Park, Kennebunkport's Parson's Way, and this one....Marginal Way walk in Ogunquit, Maine.

The Marginal Way walking path connects the tiny port of "Perkins Cove" to the bustling tourist center
Marginal Way Walk along beach cliffs in Ogunquit.
of Ogunquit by a paved path along ocean cliffs.  The trail offers views of jutting rocks and pebble beaches to the East, as well as, resorts and seaside homes to the West.  One of the reasons this is one of THE BEST walks in Southern Maine, is that not only do you get a great seaside walk, but it also connects two areas with fantastic shopping, eateries, and watering holes.  

Like most residents of the southern seacoast, I avoid the many coast towns in the peak summer months when tourists and traffic clog our usually quiet streets. As a local, spring provides the perfect time to enjoy Ogunquit and Marginal Way without the summer crowds.  My friend Jenny and I decided to venture down the coast on our first weekend of April break for a cliff walk, a bowl of chowder, and an afternoon escape from our routine.  Below is our adventure.

Marginal Way and Beach Walk
1.0 mile one way on Marginal Way, 2.0 round trip
** Up to 3 miles one way if you travel to Ogunquit Beach and do a beach walk.
Terrain: Easy

- From Rt. 1, Drive down Shore Road and follow signs through Ogunquit Center to Perkins Cove.
Map courtesy of Google Maps 
- Park in Perkins Cove (A on Map)
**Town lots charge in the summer, but it was free in early-mid April.  
- Walk paved Marginal Way trail North.
- At the "mini lighthouse", you are half way (0.5 miles) to town.
- Continue until you pop out next to the Sparhawk Resort (on right). (B on Map)
- Turn Right and follow Shore Road into town.
---This is one mile and concludes the Marginal Way walk ----
- To continue your walk to the Ogunquit beach, walk along Shore Road to Route 1, but take a sharp right onto Beach Street.
- This street goes all the way down to the beautiful and sandy Ogunquit Beach.  (D on Map).
** Jenny and I walked another mile or so on this before turning around.
- Walk back the same way, returning to Perkins Cove.
**All together, Jenny and I traveled around 4-5 miles round trip.

Shells on Ogunquit Beach
This is a great walk to do with people of any ability range.  The path is paved and wheelchair/stroller accessible, so it is a great choice for families.

Since it is narrow, this trail is not a good choice for joggers or people in a hurry because it is hard to pass other groups.  This is especially true during the busy summer season since it is usually crowded.

Marginal Way is a great way to enjoy the scenic Southern Maine Coastline.  After our little walk, Jenny and I enjoyed a ice tea, bowl of chowder, and garlic bread and the well known Barnacle Billy's restaurant in Perkin's Cove.  It was a great way to welcome spring to Maine.

Clam Chowder, Ice tea, and Garlic Bread at Barnacle Billy's in Perkins Cove

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Jenny enjoys the seascape on Marginal Way