Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kennebunkport By Sea

Goat Island Lighthouse as seen from Cape Porpoise Harbor

This week is my last week as a resident of Kennebunkport, Maine.  It has been a dream come true to live here for the past three years, and I'm desperately going to miss the connivence and happiness I get from walking from my doorstep to the beach, grabbing a lobster roll for lunch, and living everyday in a town that others plan their year around vacationing too.  I've been incredibly lucky, and I'm really going to miss it!  Although I'm just moving an hour south to Exeter, New Hampshire, the next time I visit Kennebunkport I will be just one more of the hundreds of tourists.

Wind in my hair
It seemed fitting that I spend my last day in the 'Port, hanging out with my friend Ross who has spent his whole life here.   Ross has been an awesome mentor and friend.  I think he's made it his goal to show me how to enjoy the Kennebunkport-way-of-life.  I have gone tubing down the Mousam river, been to Prelude tree-lightings, and winter Fire and Ice celebrations with him and his friends.  This week, Ross offered to take me and my friend Matt out on his boat.  

Unlike my other blog posts, this might be a difficult adventure to re-create unless you have an ocean vessel.  
If you have a boat, this is a great little ride to see the beauty the Kennebunk coast has to offer...

Captain Ross
Captain Ross docks his boat at the Arundel Warf in Kennebunkport.  We boarded around 9:30 am and floated down the Kennebunk River to the ocean.  We saw cormorants sunning themselves and an impressive number of personal watercraft.

Once at sea, Ross took the boat full speed straight out and then headed South.  We headed over to the south end of Mother's Beach, hugged the shore a bit then headed to Parson's Beach.  At Parson's Beach, we headed up the Mousam and saw some sea birds, kayakers, and fly fishermen looking for stripers.  

We headed out to sea, and this time, headed north.  Ross drove us up Turbat's Creek, which provided views of buildings on stilts sitting in the river, a channel full of lobster buoys, and more delicate marshland.  It was a very picturesque New England scene.
View from Turbat's Creek
To finish our voyage, we continued further north to see Cape Porpoise, including Goat Island Light.  Cape Porpoise harbor was filled with colorful lobster buoys and tiny islands available for camping and picnicing.  "Watch out,"  said Ross, "Those islands are covered in poison ivy."  Yikes!
Row boat explores the marshes near Cape Porpoise
After exploring the area around Cape Porpoise, we headed back to the Kennebunk River and Ross's slip around noon.  It was an AWESOME day to be on the water and the perfect way to end my three years as a resident of this ideal summer town.  I'm sure I'll continue to include blogs about K-port from time to time, but new adventures await as a Granite Stater!

Goat Island Light and Lobster Buoys