Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Blue Kind of Day - Blueberry picking at Blue Job Mountain

Wild Blueberries on Blue Job
Driving home from our morning coffee run Matt said, "I know what we should do today!"  We grabbed some plastic containers, a bottle of water, and headed to Blue Job Mountain.  Horray for spontaneous adventures!

Blue Job Mountain is really more like a large hill (1300 ft) in Farmington, NH - eight miles northwest of Rochester, NH.  It is part of the Blue Job State Forest, and although it's known mostly just to the locals, it has one of the best views of any hikes in Southern New Hampshire.

Berry Picking on the Summit
Hiking and blueberry picking at Blue Job is the perfect family activity (although adults, like me, will love it as well!)  The short, 1 mile loop, takes hikers up through a forest to an open summit.  On clear days, you can see all the way to the White Mountains including Mt. Washington!

We parked in the parking lot (no cost) and took the root-covered Blue Job Mountain Trail up the eastern side to the first open "peak".  Wild blueberries provide a ground cover along the rock slab summit.  Continue on the trail from the first "peak", and you will break through the trees to a magnificent fire tower.  From here, you can head town the steeper, but partially paved, fire road back to the parking lot.

I enjoyed our little stroll up this scenic "mountain" and filled two containers with blueberries to boot!  This trail can be hiked year round and is a great way to escape into nature in Southern New Hampshire.

I'm excited to sprinkle the ripe flavor-filled bites on my cereal this week, mix them with whipped cream for a tasty dessert, and gobble handfuls as a snack.  As you might notice - my photos are not their usual quality.  Since this was an unexpected adventure, I was forced to take photos with my inadequate cell phone instead of my usual Lumix.  A lesson that even the most avid photog can forget her gear. I hope you get out on a spur-of-the-moment berry picking hike sometime soon!

Fire Tower on the Summit of Blue Job Mountain

More info:
Challenge Level:  Easy
Distance: One mile round trip
Location: The trailhead is a well signed, gravel lot on First Crown Point Road.  This is accessed by turning right (north) onto First Crown Point Road.  Drive about 5 miles  and the parking lot is on your right.
Gear: Water, Sun Protection, Layered Clothing, and Containers to gather blueberries!

Our blueberry hall!

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