Thursday, December 26, 2013

Riding above the Clouds - Silcox Hut, Mt. Hood

View of clouds from Silcox Hut, Mt. Hood, Oregon
When Matt and I got engaged this fall, we looked for a venue that would fit our personality.

Where should two self-proclaimed alpinists get married?  

On top of a mountain of course!  

Even Grandma got on the Snowcat

Since my roots and family are in Oregon, we chose to get married on Mt. Hood - Oregon's tallest peak.  We found that the historic Timberline Lodge offers weddings at their warming hut at 7,000 feet at the quaint and cozy Silcox Hut.  To get to the location, the guests and wedding party will take a Snowcat machine from the lodge (6,000 feet) up an icy slope to the 7,000 feet elevation, above the clouds.  This spring, we will marry on the mountain slope - a perfect place for a mountain-loving couple.  

Since I was visiting family for Christmas, I decided to take the trip up to the lodge and hut to see the venue and discuss details.  Steve- the hut manager and our Snowcat driver - has run the hut for 20 years and provided an excellent experience.  If you wondering how you can visit this magical place - see the information below...

Staying at Silcox
Silcox is an overnight destination mountain hut available for groups (12 person min). Cost ranges from $140-$180 a person per night and includes your Snowcat ride to and from the hut, as well as delicious family style breakfast and dinner.  The hut books up fast, so reservations should be made months ahead of time.  It is also available non-overnight functions like weddings and parties.  More information can be found at the Timberline Lodge website.

Enjoying the sun

Roaring Fire in Silcox Hut
Snowcat at Silcox Hut
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