Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter Walk in Gonic Trails

Isinglass River Waterfall

What a long winter it's been!  It's almost too much to take!  In order to escape the winter blues, I've been taking advantage of the deep power and sunny, cold days to get out and enjoy it.  My favorite little walk is located only a few miles from my house on the Isinglass River in Rochester, New Hampshire.  Trails are maintained and owned by Waste Management (sounds weird - but they're great), and are a perfect after work walk.  See below to recreate this easy trail walk.

Adventure: Gonic Trails, Rochester, NH

Getting There:  From Route 125, take Rochester Neck Road in Gonic/Rochester. The trail head is located in a large parking lot on the right about 1 mile down the road after a private home.

Trail sign in parking lot includes map.

Yellow trail headed down to river.
Trail: There are three separate trails that leave from this trail head.  All are well marked by color -
Red, Yellow, and Blue.  My favorite loop is to take the Yellow at first.  This trail leaves on the right side of the parking lot.  It soon veers left, and travels at a slight grade down hill through hemlock forest.  Continue straight until you reach the river.  An overlook allows you to see the Isinglass river. From here, the trail veers left to travel along the river.  You head downhill and can see the waterfall on the right.  Take a moment to enjoy the view.  Sometimes, otters are seen playing in the water.  Continue along the Yellow trail as it parallels the river.  After a bend, you will reach the junction to the Red trail.  The Red trail is a loop trail and this is where it turns around.  Take either path and you will go up a semi-steep incline for about 5 minutes before the trail flattens out again.  The Red trail is flat and unwinding, passing through pine and hardwood forest, until reaching the parking lot where you started.

Medallion identifying Barrington Woods
Difficulty: Easy - perfect for a casual walk or a family hike.

Distance: ~ 2-3 miles


- A large map/trail sign is located in the parking lot.  Take a photo with your phone before leaving to have access to a trail map.

- Dogs are common on the trail.  Be aware that some are off leash.  If hiking with your dog, be sure to remove waste.  There is a trash bin at the parking lot.

- There are no bathroom facilities along the walk.

- Parking is free.

Isinglass River.  Gonic, NH

I've enjoyed this trail all winter - it is the perfect way to escape my cabin fever and get a little exercise.  I can't wait to explore it in Spring!

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Summit and Sadie love hiking the Gonic Trails!