Friday, January 10, 2020

Family Friendly Winter Hikes in the White Mountains

I am a monthly contributor to the website Seacoast Moms.  My writing for this site mainly focused on outdoor experiences for families of young children, however, my last two posts are useful for anyone thinking of starting to get into winter hiking!  

Artist Bluff in Winter, Franconia Notch
White Mountain Winter Hikes:

My recent post - Try a New Family Adventure: Winter Hiking in the White Mountains 
provides three great winter hike for anyone looking to see gorgeous views in a White Mountain winter. Check it out!
Me hiking Artist Bluff Trail in December 2019

Prepare with this Gear:
Also, if you haven't tried winter hiking before, check out my advice here  Although it's titled 

What You Need to Winter Hike with Baby - the footwear is critical for anyone taking that first step onto a snowy path.

Matt and son on a Crawford Notch trail - December 2019

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