Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kennebunk Beach Walk - Off Season Adventures

Kennebunk jetty
Kennebunk Beach Jetty

3.6 Miles of crashing waves, rocky shores, and sandy beach....

There are many wonderful beaches in Southern Maine.  For those who enjoy hiking, but don't want to drive the long distances to the Whites, try a nice long beach walk.

Middle Beach Kennebunk
Rocky Kenebunk Beach
A cool fall day or even blustery winter walk in the beaches of Southern Maine provides an intimate experience.  With few other beach goers, and rugged temperature, its easy to appreciate this pure nature experience.

I like to frequently walk to Kennebunk/Goochs Beach in Kennebunk, Maine.  Below are directions and mileage for this walk.

A Long Beach Walk
1.8 one way, 45 min one way
Terrain: Easy

- Leave from Kennebunkport's Dock Square and walking to Mother's Beach, Kennebunk.

- Park in the public parking next to Allison's restaurant in Dock Square, Kennebunkport (free in November-spring).

- Cross the bridge and walk on Western Ave toward the 4-way light (toward Kings Port Inn).

- Take a left on Beach Ave.  This part of the walk passes nice homes, the Franciscan Monastery, and the famous White Barn Inn.

- This road curves right after passing the river.  This is Goochs Beach - known for it's wide sandy beach, wide cement walkway, and summer surfing and suntanning.

Map to Kennebunk Beach
by Google Maps: A. Kennebunkport, B. Goochs, C. Middle, D. Mothers
- Continue along the shore and it will turn at "Middle Beach".  This is a rockier stretch of beach continues to Mother's Beach which is a small sandy stretch with a playground.

- I end my walk here, turn around and travel back.  All in all, this trip is 1.8 miles one way or 3.6 round trip - totaling about an hour and a half round trip.

This beach walk can be shortened by parking at Goochs Beach.  Street parking is easy to find and free in the winter months.  During peak season, parking can be hard to find and a parking pass is necessary.

I hope you enjoy the Kennebunk Beach scene and find away to get into nature without driving two hours from Southern Maine!

Gooches Beach
Beaches are empty in the off season