Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Brisk Lighthouse Walk

Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
If you want to experience gorgeous views of ocean and lighthouses, try visiting Portland Head Light at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, ME.

This is a must see for any visitor to Southern Maine, but it also is a great place for locals to frequent.  No matter how many times I visit this spot, I'm speechless by the beauty of the crashing waves, rugged coast, and regal lighthouse.

Matt and I visited the park this weekend.  If visiting in the fall and winter, make sure to bundle up as the winds make it a cold spot.

Here's how I enjoy my time at Ft. William's Park...

Rocky Beaches
Fort William's Park and Portland Head Light

Trail: Easy, Family Friendly, Dog Friendly, Picnic

Directions: Cross the bridge (77) from Portland into South Portland.  Once there, follow signs to the Portland Head Light on Shore Road.  Map provided at 

Parking: Once in the park, I follow the driveway in, and then take a right to the far gravel parking lot.  All parking in the park is free for visitors.  If you take a left, you can park in the smaller lot by the beach/playground.

Ram Island Ledge Light
Walk: Walk to the Portland Head Light, then take the trail North along the coastline.  Stop to enjoy views of the lighthouses.  You can also see views of Ram Island Ledge Light off the coast.  Continue down to the beach/playground area. Here you have a choice to go up to the right to see the abandoned fort or to the left where you can see the old Goddard mansion.  I enjoy walking back along the road and crossing up to the gazebo and covered picnic area.  There are some great interpretive signs here with information about the area.  The park is over 90 acres, so you can choose your own  challenge.  All trails are easy, graded, and gravel.  My little loop is probably about 1.5 miles.

Trail at Fort Williams Park

Other Activities:  The park offers great picnic facilities, many large fields for soccer or frisbee, and high winds which is excellent for kite flying.

This park is a New England treasure and a must see for anyone visiting Maine.  As a local Mainer, I never get sick of visiting this precious spot.

Feel free to comment and share what you enjoy about Ft. Williams Park

Goddard Mansion