Saturday, March 30, 2013

Science Nerds in Boston, MA

T Rex attach at Boston Museum of Science
A teacher friend, Matt Drown, was up from North Carolina for his spring break.  We decided to get our nerdy science side on and drive down to Boston for a day of learning!

It took 2.5 hours to drive from Southern Maine to the New England Aquarium.  I had suggested taking the C and J bus or the Amtrack, but Matt was familiar with Boston driving due to his time volunteering at the aquarium, so we drove instead.  For those of you not familiar with Boston traffic - it is an adventure in itself.  Bring a trustworthy co-pilot, or better yet, use public transportation. 
Touch tank with skates, rays, and sharks.

I had been the aquarium before and loved a chance to re-visit.  They are currently doing some renovations, but it was still awesome.  For those with families, they have an AMAZING touch tank with rays and sharks!  The excitement wasn't even lost on me - a former marine biologist. 

There are many wonderful displays and a knowledgeable staff and volunteer educators.  It is definitely a worth-while stop in Boston!

The aquarium is near Faneuil Hall, a Boston landmark for shopping and sightseeing.  Matt and I walked around a bit, but on this cold day, we decided to move on after a few minutes. 
Little Blue Penguin

From the New England Aquarium, we took "the T" to the Science Museum...I had never been here before and I cannot wait to go back!  We discovered after arriving that we could register for a teacher membership and get in for free! 

*If you are a teacher, try to do this before hand because we had to register on our smart phones.  

The Museum of Science, Boston is truly impressive and has a great selection of exhibits.  We spent a few hours there and just touched on the opportunities.  I loved the bottom floors "Energy" display of green technologies. 

Butterfly Garden
Another personal favorite was the selection of skulls, shells, and stuffed taxidermy in the natural selection exhibit.  This is a personal favorite at any museum and they had a beautiful display. 

Matt and I paid extra to tour the butterfly garden.  It was small but a great opportunity for photographers to get up close with some specimens. 

I 100% recommend you see the "Lightning Show" when you are at the Museum of Science.  It was fascinating and a wonderful spectacle.  Later, when discussing my trip with my 7th grade students, they all said the same thing: "Did you see the lightning show?"  Make sure you see one of these....and that's all I'll say about it. 

We left the museum and took the T back to our car near the aquarium.  It was a wonderful day and a great way to experience some of Boston.