Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Little River Loop Hike - River, Ridges, and Playground

I try to take my children - age 1.5 and 3.5 - on a hike once a week.  The perfect "hike" for my preschooler is easy walking, has points of interest, and a playground at the parking lot.  I've found that there are actually quite a few that fit these specifications in the Seacoast including Great Bay Discovery Center, Hanson Pines, and Stratham Hill.  One of our other favorite spots is Little River Park in Lee, New Hampshire which offers a network of trails, ample parking, picnic area, sports fields, and playground.  Sometimes, we visit for the park alone, but this is also where I first started taking my son hiking out of a pack when he was two years old.  My favorite path is to make a loop out of the river, ridge and forest trails.

Looking down at the playground from the Ridge trail.

Here's how to recreate this adventure:

Adventure: Little River Park Loop

Getting There: A large sign and parking lot marks the park and trailhead to Little River Park.  It is located on North River Road (Rt 155) about four miles south of Rt. 4.  The physical address is 34 North River Rd in Lee.

Trail: When looking at the playground from the parking lot, there is a large painted trail sign on the right by the hill.  This shows the short loop Forest trail to the right (.4 miles), the River trail (.52 miles) on the left side of the parking lot, and the ridge trail (.28 miles) straight up from the sign.  While I have done all of these separately, my favorite choice is to combine them all in a loop that is about two miles.
Trail map near parking lot

To do this, start with the River Trail (red) which starts from the left side of the parking lot.  This trail skirts the edge of the park and eventually dips down to Little River.  It ends with a moderate climb up to a residential street (Lee Hill Road).  To continue the loop, turn right and walk along Lee Hill Road about 0.1-0.2 miles until you reach the trail entrance on the right.  The trail will skirt private property and dump you back into park boundaries on the Ridge trail.  This is my favorite part of the trail.  From elevation, you see the park below as it winds along the ridge.  As it turns back down towards parking, hikers have the option to veer left into the Forest trail.  This offshoot, takes you into hemlock and pine forest before winding you to the parking lot.   It is an easy trail with some gradual elevation changes that make it more interesting.  For such a short loop it's nice to experience river, ridge, and forest views.

River Views


Distance: Total loop including road portion and forest loop is approximately 2 miles, but you can make this shorter than a mile by just doing one portion.
Playground and pavilion at Little River Park


- While this park is usually sparse, when youth leagues are using the fields, the parking area can be crowded.  That said, I've never seen it fill. 

- Dogs are allowed on leash.

- The picnic pavilion can be reserved, so don't be surprised if a birthday party is using it on a sunny summer day.

- There are no permanent bathroom facilities but often port-a-potties in the parking lot.

- The playground is perfect for age 2-5.  It has the most epic sandbox I've ever seen, complete with trucks and sand toys that have been donated to the park.

This is a perfect destination for a family with small children or someone looking for an easy neighborhood nature walk.  For awhile it was located next to my children's daycare and we visited multiple times a week.  It is a well kept park hidden in a quiet country town.

Enjoying Little River with my kids.

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